Javed throws Mafia link to Pakistan Cricket

Former Test pace man of Pakistan Aaqib Javed says the Pakistani cricket system punishes whistle-blowers. he said that the reason why he was kicked out of the national set-up at the peak of his career and was never appointed head coach was because he opposed corruption in the game. “My career ended accidentally because I spoke out against match-fixing.

I was being threatened that I would be ripped to pieces. If you are vocal against match- or spot-fixing then you can only advance only up to a certain extent in your career in this country.This is why I was not able to become the head coach of Pakistan,” Aaqib told a television network, stressing wrong doers’ . Javed said punishing cricketers was the low-hanging fruit, asking why the mafia and the rigging masterminds were never even call down “Pakistan cricket’s mafia link runs very deep and once you enter it you can never comeback.

Many cricketers were punished but the criminals were never identified. Both sorts should be punished and this menace will only go away through severe punishments and lifetime bans,” he said. Javed, head coach of Lahore Qalandars, made those remarks after his former team-mate Saleem Malik banned for life in 2000 on the recommendation of Justice Qayyum Commission had issued a plea for a pardon. The former fast bowler said the commission was deliberately kept in the dark, once again making the point that many more were involved in match fixing but only a few were punished. “Facts were hidden even from the Justice Qayyum Commission. I had told the court that fixing is not done by one but five to six players. I told Justice Qayyum that my testimony was based on what I had seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears.” He,though, admitted that “digging up a 20-year-old issue will reap nothing.” After Malik’s appeal, more and more people have begun saying the Pakistan Cricket Board’s failure to implement the recommendations of Justice Malik Qayyum in letter and spirit and its practice of patronizing those cricketers who were fined and instructed to be away from it are the reasons why cor-ruption continues in the game.

Malik has asked the PCB for a lifting of the ban on him. He wants to be part of the mainstream cricket in the country, like other tainted cricketers. The current debate has once again brought to fore professional jealousies among player sand have highlighted the fact that certain lobbies are still active secretly, which makes it difficult for an analyst or an investigator to reach the right conclusion about anyone.

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Sanat Padhi

source- Statesman news paper and

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