Robot may change future post-COVID-19

As India’s healthcare system grapples with increasing cases of COVID-19,
India’s No.1 consumer robotics brand Milagrow has announced its efforts with AIIMS, Delhi to help contain the spread of the pandemic amongst doc-
tors and healthcare workers.

Under this effort its advanced AI-powered
robots – Milagrow iMap 9 and Humanoid ELF – will be tested in the advanced COVID-19 ward at AIIMS,
Delhi. Manufactured in India, the Milagrow iMap 9 is a floor disinfecting robot that can navigate and sanitize the floors without any human interven-
tion. It can destroy COVID spores on floor surfaces using sodium hypochlorite solution, as recommended by ICMR.

The robot moves around autonomously without falling, avoiding obstruction while planning its own path, guided by LIDAR and advanced SLAM technology. Milagrow’s patented Real Time Terrain Recognition Technology (RT2RT) scans at 3600, 6
times per second to make a floor map in real time with an accuracy of upto 8mm over a 16m distance. This enables the iMap 9 to perform successfully in
the first attempt, whereas other robots can take twice or thrice the time. Additionally, the robot can do zoning, virtual blocking of avoidable areas
and sequential cleaning of zones based on specific needs.

The Milagrow Humanoid ELF enables doctors to monitor and interact with contagious COVID-19 patients remotely with no person-to-person con-
tact, thereby significantly reducing the transmission risk. Bored patients
in isolation wards can also interact
with their relatives from time to time
through this robot. The Humanoid
ELF can navigate around the ward in-
dependently and record the activities
in high definition video and audio.
Offering 8 hours of battery life, it can travel about 2.9 km per hour, is 92 cms
tall, has more than sixty sensors, one
3D and one HD camera, and a 10.1″
display screen. The advanced humanoid features eyes with Emotion, Open
API for further development and
customization. Both the Milagrow
iMap 9 and Humanoid ELF come with the auto charging feature.

Story by-

Sanat Padhi

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