The weird practices to tackle Corona

The pandemic is showing no mercy to the world though its been several months to commence. India is now in the 4th list as a highest affected nation after America, Russia and Brazil. Perhaps the rustic approach towards awareness among the people is the main cause for such high numbers of positive cases. The government is propagating the awareness program through digital, print and electronics media in decent frequencies, but still, the people are knowingly ignorant about their harmful practices.

They are using masks till they reach their destination and then they place the masks in their chin while talking to others. So, either they think that the virus may affect them while on road and can not be harmful while talking to others or they are only using masks for not getting beaten up by the police. This is surely a ridiculous activity that is being practised by the people.

The government have given guidelines to sanitize hands at certain intervals. To the best of my knowledge, people are accessing this behaviour. That again contains a loophole. The hands are being sanitized but what about the accessories like mobile phones. It can too be the cause of virus transmission.

Home Quarantine is safe if practised following the guidelines. Most of the persons, who are returning from different states are advised to stay in home quarantine while maintaining social distancing from the other member of the house. Most of the persons are seen not following the guidelines, that cause the higher rate of transmission among the housemate too. Special attention should be given to the persons who are over-aged and to the person having other diseases. I personally witnessed such persons in our locality and making them aware to follow the guidelines. Those who are not following the rules should be punished as its effects are not limited to them but towards the community too.

Corona is not a disease that may create an Apocalypse but it is surely apocalyptic towards the children, over-aged persons and the people with long term disease. To provide them safety we need to maintain social distancing and at least the precautions.

Story by-
Abhash Kumar Sahu

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