Abhinav singh Kashyap slammed salman khan and family for intimidating his career

No one is convinced that Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide. Sushant’s death has started a debate on nepotism going on in the film industry from Bollywood to social media. Meanwhile, Abhinav Singh Kashyap has accused Salman Khan and his family in his Facebook post.

Abhinav Singh Kashyap has demanded an in-depth investigation into the alleged suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput. With this, he wrote in his Facebook post, a lot of people are concerned about my safety. Some people have genuine concern, some people show off. I will face whatever happens. I am not going to back down what I said about Salman Khan.

Abhinav Singh Kashyap further wrote in his Facebook post – I have spent 10 years and I am working with it. People who are asking why I have not taken the name of others other than Salman’s family. So let me tell you, I have heard many more stories of exploitation in Bollywood but I have no personal complaint against anyone except mine.

He further said, I hope those who are personally suffering from others should tell their story. This is my own struggle against the Salman Khan family and I alone am enough for these people. Yes, I will never commit suicide but if anything untoward happens to me, the country knows who should be blamed… It should be considered my official statement.

Earlier he had said- these people do not make your career, they ruin your career. For a decade, I have been facing all this myself. My experience is no different from all these things and I have also faced exploitation and bigotry. Arbaaz Khan at the time of ‘Dabangg’ and ever since. Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan together with their family were trying to control my career and I was very intimidated.

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