More revelation about sushant singh Rajput;this time from this writer

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has stunned Bollywood. Sushant Singh’s family and relatives are still in shock. Even today, people cannot believe that Sushant Singh could take such a step. Many questions have been raised in social media since his death. Director Mahesh Bhatt’s associate and writer Suhitra Sengupta has revealed one more thing that may create more dillema about his death. Accrording to her, sushant had been hearing strange sound due to his depression.

Speaking to National Herald India, Suhitra Sengupta said, “Sushant Singh Rajput once came to meet Mahesh Bhatt for his performance on Sadak-2. He discusses everything Whether it’s quantum physics or cinema. He loves to mingle with people, talk to them. It was then that Mahesh Bhatt knew that his condition had become like of Parveen Bobby. Now only medicine can cure him. Riya Chakraborty reminded her to take medicine on time as long as she was with her. But Sushant refused to take the medicines. ”

He added that Sushant had severed his ties with the outside world for almost a year. Rhea was with him but she could not stay with him for long. Either gradually Sushant heard strange sounds. He had already realized that people were trying to kill him. One day Sushant and Riya were watching Anurag Kashyap’s film at his house “I refused Anurag Kashyap’s film, now he will kill me,” he told Riya

He said that when Mahesh Bhatt found out about the affair and all these things, he advised Riya to stay away from Sushant. He told Riya that she could no longer help Sushant Singh. If she stays with Sushant, she will also have a negative impact. Riya then waited for Sushant Singh’s sister to see, when she would come and take care of him. But before that, he left the world forever.

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