An oldy of 94 year of age returns home after 4 decades with the help of Internet

The internet has now become involved in our lives like any essential. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages, but sometimes through internet, such things become known, which we have never imagined. A similar incident has come to light. A 94-year-old woman from Maharashtra met her family after four decades with the help of internet.

She was separated from her family 40 years ago. Unfortunately, she could not meet her son. After 40 years, when Panchubai reached her grandson’s house in Nagpur three days ago, she could not meet her son. Her son had died three years earlier.

In 1979-80, a woman was seen by a truck driver on the road in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh in disorganized and pathetic condition. The truck driver’s son Israr Khan said that she was not able to speak properly. Khan’s father took the woman home and she moved in with his family. Israr himself was a child at that time. Israr told that we started calling him Archan aunty. She was mentally unstable and would occasionally mutter in Marathi, which we could not understand. I asked her several times about her family, but she could not say anything.

Khan had also written about him on Facebook, but nothing could be known. She said that she used to talk about a place called Khanjama Nagar. Took the help of Google to find out about this place, but nothing was found. Israr said that on May 4 this year, I asked him again about her hometown. She told about a place called Paraspur. We then searched it with the help of Google and found that there is a Paraspur in Maharashtra.

On 7 May, Israr approached a man named Abhishek, who runs a shop in Paraspur and told him about the woman. Abhishek, who belongs to the Kirar community, told him that there is a village called Khanjama Nagar near the town. Israr told that after getting to know about this place I sent a video of aunt to Abhishek. Which he shared on a WhatsApp group of the Kirar community. One day at midnight Abhishek got a call and someone told that the woman has been identified and her family wanted to take her home.

Prithvi Bhaiyalal Shingane, who lives in Nagpur, received a video of an older woman, who was shocked by the Shingane family. Shingane turns out to be the grandson of the woman, and soon after discovering that he was restless to bring them back home, but due to the lockdown it was not possible at that time. He finally took his grandmother to his house on 17 June.

He told that in 1979 my father brought my grandmother from Khanjma Nagar to Nagpur for treatment of mental illness. She was undergoing treatment, but one day she left home in the evening, after which she had not yet returned home. Shingen said that in 2017 my father passed away. It would have been great if Grandma had met me three years earlier.

Story by-

Sanat Padhi

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