Dog meat festival to commence in China, people are still ignorant about the consequences

The Chinese, who have been criticized throughout the world for spreading the corona virus, are still not deprived themselves from eating various animals. Despite an outbreak of virus from bats in Wuhan last year, now the dog market in Yulin City is embroiled. Thousands of dogs will be slaughtered at this annual Dog Meat Festival, which will be a ten-day dog meat fair.


This fair is being organized despite the government’s campaign to discourage wildlife and pet food. Not only will there be atrocities on dogs, but there will also be an increased risk of corona outbreaks. However, the organizers of the fair say that keeping the corona in mind, the number of people in the program has been kept low.

At the same time, in view of the new rules being made by the government regarding animal feeding , animal rights activists have expressed hope that the ongoing Dog Meat Festival in Yulin will be the last. They say that in order to avoid a future corona-like epidemic, Chinese people need to change their food habits not only for animals but also for their own health.

Story by-
Abhash kumar Sahu

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