“People From Bihar’s Hurka Village Took Active Part In Plantation Program By Maaty Organization In The Occasion Of Harela Festival”

On the occasion of folk festival Harela in the state of Uttarakhand, a nationwide plantation and Sankalp Abhiyan is being organized by the Maaty Organization, Dehradun and Uttarakhand Science, Education Research Center, Dehradun from 16-23 July 2020. The youths of the village of the Hurka Gram Panchayat, Tilouthu block of Rohtas District, Bihar, took active participation under the cooperation and supervision of Maaty Organization. Local youth teams were led in this program by Nandlal Kumar alias Nilu (Teacher).

For centuries, all life in the world, whether human or animal, has been dependent on plants. It not only produces oxygen that gives life to mankind but also provides items of daily needs for sustenance. This is a special folk festival of Uttarakhand named “Harela” associated with nature. The festival of Harela not only informs about the arrival of new season, but also inspires people to conserve nature. Harela festival has become an important part of folk life in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Now from this day itself, the tradition of starting a plantation campaign has also started.

Convener of the program and scientist Jokhan Sharma of Maaty Organization told that this plantation campaign under Harela festival is being observed all over the country. With the help of local youth, more than 50 saplings have been planted at three different places in Hurka village. Fruit and building plants like Shisham, Amraood, Mango, Shal etc. have been specially planted in the village.

Nandlal Kumar, who is leading the rural youth, said that the tree – the plant has great importance for local natural diversity along with our lives. Therefore, he appealed to the villagers for planting and preserving trees. Shailesh Srivastava, a member of the youth team, said that to maintain the balance of nature, everyone has their own place, whether it is animals or plants. Protecting all is the main task of mankind. In this plantation program, a total of 20 youths including village Mentu Shrivastava, Ujjwal Shrivastava, Priyanshu Ranjan, Sant Shailesh Srivastava, Shashi Kumar, Santosh Sharma, Rohit Sharma etc., planted saplings with their hands and took a pledge for its conservation. At the same time, all pledged to spread awareness on the plantation and environmental protection in the future.

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