A soul between theism and eidolism –

Sitting inside the window and seeing the heavy rains with so many unanswerable questions, my hand went to the pen and paper to expose my heart out.

   Where is God? Does Almighty exist or it is only a matter of "trust"? Does he truly the creator of this world or anyone else? Did really Krishna born in the world to establish "Dharma"? Is it true that Lord Ram came to the world to give an example to the society about a "Dharmaparayana King"? Did Maa Laxmi go to the "Chandaluni's" home to give her wealth and blessings? We don't have any proof of it. We didn't see it. Still, we accept it.
      The definition of God, the definition of Believe, the definition of Hope are varied from person to person. I never ever believe the saints and the blind faith about that naxatra things nor even believe in "the rules and rituals" to worship God. I feel hypocrite to believe that without having a bath you can't pray to God, if you do fast then God will listen to you, if you eat non-veg in some particular days then it's a sin or curse. But without following all these rules even without knowing His (God) proper existence, I do believe in God and I too do fast on some occasions because it gives me pleasure. Still, the curiosity of my pen to search that invisible part of the world is not ended here. Some of my friends make me force to believe ghost too as every positive side have its negative sides. If I believe in God then I have to believe in ghost. But I don't accept their concept because from childhood my parents confined my mind that no ghost exists. Here, the eagerness to know about the truth of God and ghost increases but unfortunately no one has the proper or particular answer to tell me. And hence, I end up being a hypocrite blaming the hypocrisy in the hypocritical world.
            All these kinds of stuff are like "queries and quests", not for me only but for everyone. We really don't know what actually these things are. We believe or blame the idea of believing something. AS society believes in it, we have to accept it or else we will become antisocial for this extrovert society. 
       Everyone has their own way to accept these "unacceptable things" and I take this as a "believe" - God is nothing but a "hope and faith".
   With these unanswerable questions, with so many expectations to know about it my pen pauses here.

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